3 common mistakes that could ruin your construction time lapse

April 18, 2023    3 min read

how to time lapse a home construction

If you're new to creating construction time lapse videos, it's crucial that you pay close attention to the details before you begin.

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While the first five steps we've discussed are critical to achieving success, there are three additional things you should keep in mind to avoid potential pitfalls.

By considering these three factors, you can avoid project delays and provide your clients with a high-quality time-lapse video.

Avoide 3 common mistakes before starting your time lapse project

  • Can you ensure every shot is usable?
  • How to avoid footage malfunctions during a prolonged project?
  • How to capture nighttime construction shots with clarity?

Can you ensure every shot is usable?

When capturing a construction time lapse video, it's essential to record the entire job site without interruption.

However, action cameras and security cameras may not have certain features, such as shooting schedules. Since most work is done during the day, you may need to exclude any empty frames from the night or weekend.

Setting shooting schedules

After the project is completed, editing may take a significant amount of time. To meet the job site's needs, you need to schedule a daily or weekly recording time slot.

Creating a schedule that aligns with your working hours can reduce the post-editing time required.

How to avoid malfunctions during prolonged time lapse projects?

Another consideration is the ability of a time lapse camera to provide a live preview.

Most action cameras do not allow you to watch preview videos while they are recording. You cannot review the footage and continue working if your camera accidentally turns off or stops. The days of recording a time lapse for hours only to discover that the interval was incorrectly set are long gone!

By reviewing the footage, you can make adjustments and settings to the paused time lapse before choosing to resume.

Live preview on ATLI EON time lapse camera

On-site cameras can be useful when you need to keep an eye on the construction project. They allow you to view a live preview from multiple locations and monitor progress without leaving your office.

Remote monitoring of your time lapse allows you to identify problems before you lose days or weeks of footage.

Additionally, a time lapse camera can ensure that all deadlines, documentation, and quality standards are strictly adhered to. It is extremely difficult to detect problems that require immediate maintenance without remote access.

How to capture clear and striking construction shots after dark?

Normally, construction work is carried out during the day. However, if your project is critical and needs to be completed at night, a time lapse camera with an infrared filter can meet your needs.

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Infrared cut-off filters reflect or block near-infrared wavelengths, while visible light is allowed to pass through. IR cut filters are designed for use in low-light situations.

Additionally, the camera can monitor the job site when no workers are present at night.


Creating a time lapse video of a building construction project can be a challenging task, but with careful planning and attention to detail, it can result in a stunning and informative piece of content.

By addressing key considerations and ensuring that your project runs continuously, you can avoid potential pitfalls and create a final product that accurately captures the progress of the construction job.