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I'm taking time-lapse of my aquaponic fish tank setup, both of my plants on top and also in the tank. The camera is working great, very reliable and the picture quality is great, switching between day mode and night mode very accurately.


Needed the cameras for a short term construction project in Alaska. I needed remote access and recommendations for mounta. Tom and team were great! They replied promptly to my concerns and questions! Thanks!


So much fun! We did a shed project over multiple days captured from start to finish, via time lapse. The end video “once photos spliced together” was amazing to watch. Also capturing flowers growing turned out amazing.

Julie Burnett

This is a terrific little time lapse camera. It simply could not be easier to use or better deliver excellent time lapse videos (both day and night videos). Everything is done through the app - including focusing the camera. I love this and for the price it's a great deal.

James F.

The image quality in the videos are great. I couldn't be happier with most of the camera. It is fairly easy to use, it has been rained on, and exposed to lots of dust, and it has never waivered. You can download straight from the app to your phone without moving the camera.


Very little time-lapse camera, nice package and easy to operate. I used to take time-lapse clips from Iphone X and now completely switch to AtLi. Video quality is excellent and sharp, highly recommend to the time-lapse users.

Amazon Customer.

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