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Through time lapses, show us how life changes.

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Let's get featured on ATLI Cam app and video gallery, show us your best time lapse shots with ATLI EON.

How to get featured?

DM or email us at to share with us the video you'd like to get featured on ATLI Cam app and video gallery. Our team will be following up with you on everything.

Will I get credit?

YES, your name will be credited in the video title or caption.

How to protect the copyright of my video?

We will not use your video for commercial purposes without your permission and/or without paying a copyright fee.

Can I share videos created on other cameras?

100% ATLI EON. Please feel free to share any of your videos shot on ATLI EON camera.

Can I share any type of content?

Absolutely! You are welcome to share anything shot by ATLI EON. Things like sunrises, plants growing, flowers blooming and drawing, etc.

Featured customers' videos

Blooming Lillies

Captured by Trica Pearson

Growing Broccoli

Captured by RapidLapse

Micro Dwarf Tomato

Captured by FateWorks Farms

Growing Zinnia

Captured by RapidLapse