Do I need a time lapse camera?

July 13,2022    3 min read

choosing the best camera to make time lapse videos

Time lapse is an intriguing and exciting genre of photography (and videography). Almost all of us have given this genre a try to understand how it works and what makes it so different and complex from other genres.

Most of us who try our hands at time lapses out of curiosity end up loving the whole process of creating a time lapse. But some find it too tedious to capture so many images, carefully sort them and blend them into one beautiful time lapse video.

If you're in the former category (time lapse lovers, assemble!), you can consider investing in a time lapse camera. Of course, you can always start creating time lapses with your existing DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

As beginners, it's always great to start with cameras you already have, learn the ropes of time lapsing, and master the craft. Once you know that this genre interests you, you can make your time lapse camera purchase right away.

What's different in a time lapse camera?

Immense stability

Time lapse cameras feature immense stability

Time lapse cameras feature immense stability, which helps you capture high-speed subjects with ease and clarity. So irrespective of whether you're shooting a flower or a busy street, a camera for time lapse can help you capture just the perfect set of shots.

Post-processing free

Time lapse cameras also come with the feature which automatically processes your collection of photos into a time lapse video, saving you the time and effort required in the post-processing stage.

Sturdy build for outdoor

Sturdy build for outdoor

Time lapse cameras have a sturdy build, as they are mainly used for outdoor shoots.

The weatherproofing of these cameras is on-point, considering they are exposed to different external elements during shoots. The time lapse cameras come with in-built mounting, as tripods are integral to every time lapse shoot.

Battery life for days

Shooting for time lapses can run into hours, and you need to have a camera equipped with a long-lasting battery. Time lapse cameras are crafted keeping in mind the challenges that photographers may come across during shoots.

If you're passionate about creating mesmerizing time lapse videos, you should add a time lapse camera to your kit.

You're sure to have an enhanced shooting experience with these cameras, as they have just the right set of features every time-lapser looks for in a reliable camera.

Think about post processing: does the camera offer this feature?

Once you have shot your time lapse, it's important to consider how the series of images will come together.

If you are using a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you will have to download the images to your computer and then import each image into software like Adobe Premiere Pro to create the time lapse. As you can imagine, the process can be quite labor-intensive.

Therefore, to avoid the headache, look for a camera that can easily process the time lapse. Consider a camera that connects with an app to process images and allows you to easily share the time lapse footage with clients, friends, and family.

So, in summary, before you buy a camera, it's important to research and ensure the product offers all the features to make creating and editing a seamless process. We recommend buying a dedicated time lapse camera; otherwise, you may struggle at the time of the shoot or post-shoot.