5 steps to capture a home construction time lapse

August 3, 2022   4 min read

how to time lapse a home construction

Home construction time lapses are an exciting watch. A home’s transition is like a blank canvas coming to life, and there’s nothing better than a time lapse that captures the entire construction of your home.

However, capturing home construction time lapses is an art, and you must have a slightly different approach to shooting them.

In this step-by-step guide we’ll have a look at how to time lapse a home construction and create a time lapse video that’s unique as well as interesting:

Follow these 5 steps to get started:

  • Set up multiple cameras to capture all aspects
  • Place your cameras in fixed positions or move them around
  • Make sure that the shooting time is appropriate
  • Pick the perfect time lapse interval
  • Monitor the progress and back up quickly

Step 1: Use multiple cameras

To capture the home construction from different angles, you must set up multiple cameras in different corners of your home.

These cameras would help you capture all aspects of the construction process while ensuring a detailed view of the constructions from different locations.

Outdoor construction time lapse camera

*We recommend using a waterproof time lapse camera if you plan to make outdoor construction time lapse footage. Our ATL3500 construction camera can handle projects that will last months or years.

Step 2: Decide the camera locations

It’s not essential to place your cameras in fixed positions; don’t hesitate to move the cameras around. Especially during long-term projects, moving cameras around can help capture unique aspects of the entire construction project of your home.

Placing the cameras randomly isn’t going to help - you need to place the cameras in areas from where they can capture a unique perspective of your home constructions.

For example, 

  • You can set the time lapse cameras at a shorter distance to capture intricate details of your home construction.
  • Likewise, for a whole, wide view, the long-distance perspective.
  • Finally, you can place the cameras accordingly to capture a clear view to capture the upper or bottom perspective.

Step 3: Select the appropriate shooting time

Make sure that the shooting time is appropriate - you don’t want to set up the camera against oddly or dimly lit spaces and then end up with shots you can’t use when you compile your home construction time lapse.

Rather, pick the right shooting time - setting up the camera in broad daylight, where your entire home is flooded with natural light, is the best.

But if you’re looking to shoot in a different lighting setup, you can also consider shooting at night when your home is well-lit with artificial lights.

Then, you must ensure sufficient light to capture a bright, clear, and vibrant time lapse.

Step 4: Pick the perfect time lapse interval

The interval is a key aspect of any time lapse. The ideal interval for time lapse spans from 2 to 10 minutes to capture the gradual progress of the constructions. 

As home constructions are slow-moving projects, you need to estimate home construction time and select a time interval duration.

You can calculate the number of photographs you wish to capture in any given hour and then choose the time interval accordingly.

For example,

  • If you’re looking to create a time lapse video that’s 30 seconds long and set the shutter speed to 25fps, you would require 750 frames (duration of the time lapse x fps).
  • Next, you must multiply the total number of frames with the interval you’ve chosen.
  • If you’ve chosen 5 seconds, it will be 750 x 5 seconds, which equals 3750 seconds.
  • The 3750 seconds equate to 63 minutes (3750/60), which is a little over an hour and is the precise duration of your time lapse.

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Step 5: Monitor the progress and back up quickly

Time lapsing a home construction may seem to be a tedious process, but with the right camera, the whole process of capturing time lapses can be a complete breeze.

ATLI T330 camera is the best time lapse camera for indoor home construction, crafted to suit the requirements of home built.

The T330 camera has all the necessary features for capturing incredible time lapse footage of your home construction.

  • Features include a long battery life capable of recording for days or can be set up to record on specific days.
  • Users will also experience the advantage of real-time playback, which ensures you have the right composition and the time lapse is set up correctly.
  • On top of this, instant download is a much-needed feature accessible through the ATLI Cam app.

Upon selecting, videos and photos can be downloaded so time lapses can easily be shared with friends and family.

Get started creating your own time lapse video

Capturing a home construction is a fun time lapse experience. However, it spans over weeks, and you require a lot of patience to capture the right set of shots and transform them into a stunning time lapse video.

To effortlessly capture a construction time lapse video for your new home, consider investing in the ATLI T330 time lapse camera.

This camera’s amazing blend of features assures you of top quality, impressive time lapse.

While the above five steps we've discussed are critical to achieving success, there are three additional things you should keep in mind to avoid potential pitfalls.

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