10 FAQs about how to time lapse in 2022

Sep 1, 2022    3 min read

How to make a time lapse video

Q1: How to make a time lapse video?

Creating time lapses is a breeze if you have the correct time lapse camera. It would help if you began with choosing a unique, active subject for your time lapse, as elements in motion make time lapses interesting.

Apart from a reliable time lapse camera, you’d also require below for a gitch-free time-lapse experience. 

  • a wide-angle zoom lens
  • a tripod
  • memory cards
  • a couple of extra batteries

 Q2: How to do time lapse on iPhone?

iPhones come with a built-in Time Lapse mode, making it super easy to capture time lapses.

You don’t have to worry about adjusting any settings, as they are all pre-set.

  • open the Camera app on your iPhone
  • select the Time lapse mode and get going
  • the Time Lapse mode automatically captures 1-2 frames per second
  • free to choose the duration of the time lapse

 Q3: How to slow down a time lapse?

To slow down the pace of a time lapse video, you’d have to adjust the frame per second value according to the speed you require.

You need to set the frames per second value at a lower number for a slower time lapse. 

 Q4: How to slow down time lapse on iPhone?

When you shoot in the Time lapse mode on iPhones, you cannot control the speed of the time lapse.

If you wish to slow down your time lapse, you will have to download Hyperlapse, which allows you to adjust the time lapse speed as required.

Hyperlapse allows you to adjust the speed and length of your video once you’re done recording it with the help of a slider.

Drag the slider to the left for a slower time lapse or to the right for a faster-paced time lapse. 

 Q5: How to convert video to time lapse?

There are different apps available out there that make converting a video to a time lapse a complete breeze.

The best app that works on desktops and smartphones is Hyperlapse. The app has an easy user interface; all you’re required to do is upload the video, select the time lapse speed, and let the app process your video into a beautiful time lapse.

 Q6: How to make time lapse video from photos?

Once you have a bunch of photographs ready, you can use software to compile all the pictures into a beautiful time lapse.

If you have a dedicated time lapse camera, you may not even require software - select the photos you want to feature in the time lapse, process it, and your time lapse is ready.

 Q7: How to make time lapse slower?

If your time lapse camera offers the feature to reduce the time lapse speed, you can adjust the time lapse speed using the same.

Otherwise, you can rely on apps such as Hyperlapse that allow you to adjust the time lapse speed as required.

 Q8: How to do time lapse on Android?

The newest Android smartphones are equipped with the built-in time lapse feature, allowing you to create a stunning time lapse in a couple of simple steps.

First, open the camera app on your Android device, switch to the video mode, choose time lapse and begin capturing your time lapse video.

 Q9: How does time lapse work?

Time lapses are a unique blend of photography and videography.

You first capture a bunch of successive photographs of a changing subject, then combine them into a video, known as a time lapse.

When you see the pictures in rapid succession in a time lapse video, it creates an illusion of motion of the subject or the environment around it.

You can easily create a time lapse with the right camera, devices, and software. 

Q10: How to edit time lapse video?

When you’re done capturing photographs for the time lapse, you need to edit them to ensure they are consistent.

Then proceed to the video editing software to create your timelapse, after which you can add delicate touches to the video using different editing options such as filters, color grade, crop adjustment, etc.

Once the editing is done, your time lapse video is ready to be exported.

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