3 things to note for power supply

Feb 23, 2023    3 min read

How to pick the right backup battery

When it comes to time lapsing, investing in the best time lapse backup battery isn’t enough. To ensure that your camera remains operational throughout the time lapse, use an appropriate battery with sufficient power backup. In our blog section, we've previously discussed various backup batteries. However, you may encounter some accident conditions during the actual operation.

Connecting to an AC power supply is the best option for consistent powering.

But what if your time lapse project takes place outside and there isn't a nearby AC outlet to charge it? What if the sunlight isn't enough to power your camera if you use solar power? If you need to hang your camera for shooting, you should also think about how you'll hang your power supply as well.

Why is weatherproof so important?

Are your power banks waterproof? How do you keep your power banks dry in the rain? You don't want a power outage to cut short your time lapse mission. We recommend using a waterproof power supply for outdoor projects.

You might not realize that the battery terminals and housing aren't the only places where water can get in. Although the battery is in an ideal location, the wires are drooping into the water.

The water can ruin the battery, corrode some metallic components, and even add stray capacitance and resistance that your power bank will never be able to remove.

If a battery bank comes with detachable hooks for hanging in a tree or on a wall. You can easily secure the wires along a wall where water cannot reach them in this case.

Weather may cause battery issues

Time lapses are elaborate projects that can span many hours, days, and sometimes, even months. It is difficult to predict all weather conditions before starting your long-term time lapse project, such as outdoor construction time lapse.

Temperature and humidity changes affect the performance of your battery supply. When temperatures fall below freezing, Li-ion battery capacity is low so your time lapse camera needs to be recharged frequently. Prolonged use in cold temperatures will permanently damage the battery and greatly reduce the available capacity.

So, how can you prolong the life of your battery while using a time lapse camera?

The answer is simple. You need a battery bank that is designed to withstand extreme cold or heat.

If you use an ATLI EON camera for time lapses, you have nothing to worry about. Our D-battery powered power box  with USB charging can be used in a variety of weather conditions. Four D batteries provide dependable energy for a long-term project. Furthermore, D-battery is unaffected by weather or temperature and is simple to replace.

D-Battery Powered Battery Box
D-Battery Powered Battery Box
D-Battery Powered Battery Box
D-Battery Powered Battery Box
D-Battery Powered Battery Box
D-Battery Powered Battery Box

D-Battery Powered Battery Box

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If you find that you often forget to replace your backup battery when your time lapse camera needs it most, you should consider a long-lasting battery instead.

The portability and protection of a case are combined with four replaceable D batteries in this battery box. It allows for up to 60 days of time lapse filming.

This power box performed flawlessly during a 60-day project with new D batteries on an ATLI EON.

Whatever backup battery or combo you end up with, it's critical that it meets your power requirements. If you want to learn more about the battery case, visit our product page or get in touch with ATLI team right away.