Time to bring time lapse to the next level: Infrared Fantasy

There’s no denying that the ATLI EON is an incredible imaging device that sets new trends in video capture and ease of use. The ATLI EON is a tiny Cinematic Full HD Time Lapse camera recording pristine time lapse footage in high resolution 1080P. Video is recorded in the pro-grade H.264 MP4 video format with a playback frame rate of 25fps. Being a time lapse camera, the ATLI EON allows for interval-based recording with accurate time lapse intervals of 0.5 seconds to 24 hours.

The ATLI EON is an all-in-one time lapse video capture camera that stands apart from other time lapse-capable photography options. It features a stunningly accurate 2 micron OmniBSI-2 image sensor that delivers exceptional dynamic range and superb low-light performance. Aside from the long battery life, complete manual focus control, and long list of shooting modes and options, the ATLI EON pairs seamlessly with the ATLI Cam App on smart devices. What’s more, it’s capable of mesmerizing infrared photography.

What Is Infrared Imaging?

Infrared (IR) imaging uses a specialist filter to constrict the types of light that pass through the lens to the camera filter. The infrared filter inside the ATLI EON is designed to cut the visible rays of light reaching the image sensor. As a result, light that falls into the red region of the light spectrum passes through the filter and hits the image sensor. The infrared mode of the ATLI EON works with the available light to create stunningly surreal images where colors are altered accordingly. Traditionally used for black and white photography, infrared is also usable with color photography, videography, and of course, time lapse video capture with the ATLI EON.

Complete Control With The ATLI Cam App


The ATLI Cam App allows complete control of the ATLI EON. It’s a highly intuitive app that takes new users through the initial EON camera set up to control the video recording functions. One of the best features of the EON and ATLI Cam App combination is the app-controlled Infrared (IR) Cut filter built into the camera.

Thanks to ATLI’s commitment to ongoing app and camera firmware updates, they have recently released a new Infrared Fantasy update. Through the interactive interface of the ATLI Cam App, you can choose any one of three new and different Fantasy pre-set scene options. Using the ATLI EON IR Cut filter, you can select varying IR effects to suit the scene in the frame.

Infrared Time Lapse with The ATLI EON

It’s important to point out that any form of infrared photography or videography should be outdoors with natural sunlight. If you search any social media platform for infrared shots, you’ll undoubtedly see many landscape images. Landscapes have ideal conditions for infrared capture as natural elements such as grass, water, trees, leaves, grass, and mountainous backdrops create highly surreal subjects.

Fortunately, the ATLI EON is the ideal compact time lapse camera with a built-in IR Cut filter for this type of footage. With the ATLI EON, you’ll capture stunning infrared time lapse images and videos that are instantly downloadable or shareable on social media platforms with the ATLI Cam App.

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