The New Craze In Time Lapse: Time Slice

What Is Time Slice?

Time slice photography is a unique and mesmerizing genre of photography.

It is similar to time lapse.

A time lapse is a slideshow of many images put together; on the other hand, a time slice beautifully captures the passage of time in a single image.

Creating a single-time slice photo takes a lot of effort, creativity, and, most importantly, patience

Capturing a time slice is relatively easier if you have picked an excellent time lapse camera.

These cameras are built with just the right features required to create marvellous time slices.So if you love time lapses and time slices, you should invest in a time lapse camera.

One of the best-known time lapse cameras is ATLI EON - a model that is every time lapse enthusiast's dream come true.

6 Easy Steps To Create a Stunning Time Slice Using the ATLI EON

Step 1: Head to Settings in the ATLI Cam App. Under the Time Lapse section, you'll see the Output option. Click on it, and two options - Video and Video+Photo Sequence will be displayed. To create a time slice, you will have to select the Video+Photo Sequence option.

Step 2: You will now see a pop-up on the screen asking permission to continue saving photo sequences (as it consumes a lot of memory storage). Click Yes and proceed.

Step 3: Start shooting! Changing lights and shade is advisable to see the time involved in one single slice picture. The time required for this step varies, depending on what you're looking to create.

Step 4: Finish shooting and select Folder. Click on Display (bottom left of the app) and choose the exact Time Range you wish to use to compose the time slice from the nine options provided.

Step 5: Once you're done choosing the Time Range, choose the Number of Slices using the slider. Proceed to select the Style of the time slice from the options given.

Step 6: Click Start and your time slice will be ready after processing!

Why is ATLI EON the Perfect Camera to Create Time Slice?

The camera is super easy to learn and control.

You wouldn't require editing software to create a time-lapse, the app makes post-processing easy, and your time slice will be ready in no time!

The camera is built to sustain the tough conditions of outdoor shoots. It also has a powerful battery to keep you through long shooting hours.

With maximum flexibility and a bunch of super cool features, ATLI EON is just the perfect camera for you to get started with creating time lapses and time slices! So you can easily capture them all, whether it's a sky full of stars, sunrise, the bustling city lane or just an architectural wonder.

Challenge Yourself and Try Something Different

Now you understand the equipment for a time slice photo; we recommend experimenting with different scenes.

Think about where the light will fall throughout the day, as this will help determine where you should position your camera.

Remember, the best way to do something is through practice, so ensure you take plenty of photos until you master the art time slicing.

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